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Tiger Balm's analgesic balm provides effective temporary relief from minor aches, pains, and stiffness due to the common cold, flu, sore muscles, backache, or headache. All without any of the side effects you get with stronger over-the-counter pain relievers like aspirin or ibuprofen.

Tiger Balm has many uses - it's good for sore muscles and for temporary relief of minor aches, pains and tensions in neck, shoulders and back, muscle soreness, arthritis, joint pains, bruises, strains and sprains. It's reported that Tiger Balm helps with toenail fungus, colds, congestion, neuropathy, osteoarthritis, stomachaches and toothaches.

The ointment is also found to be exceptionally good for mosquito bites. Tiger Balm helps the itching go away.

How to use Tiger Balm for pain relief


4 spots on your head to massage

Headache is a common ailment and usually in an attempt to get some relief people tend to massage their temple areas. A more effective massage would include the trigeminal survival nucleus. You can locate this area at the back of your head. Junction between the head and the and the neck. The soft tissue lies horizontally along this junction. Apply some Tiger Balm to the area and use your thumb to sustain a gentle pressure for thirty seconds to a minute. Alternatively you can do a small rotation. Although it feels tender or slightly painful this movement will help to release the tension. Locate the tender spots on each side and repeat this process two times a day. Stop if you feel too much pain.

a massage technique for calf pain relief

Calf muscle pain

Calf muscles usually get tight especially for ladies who love to wear high heels. For the self massage you can sit down and prop your leg up. There are three areas we can target to relieve the tension - mid calf, the lower third calf, and outer and inner aspects of the ankle. Massaging the Tiger Balm will make your massage more effective. To soothe the mid muscles use the picking up technique with your hands, hold for two seconds and relax.

The lower portion of the calf is less muscular so you can apply a sustained pressure using your thumbs. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat it four times.

This technique will relieve pain caused by the plantar fasciitis. If you have sore ankles use the sustained pressure techniques. To ease tension apply Tiger Balm on the whole of your palm and do a firm stroke along the lower leg starting from bottom to the top of your leg. Repeat the stroke for 2 to 3 minutes and repeat the process one or two times a day.

Neck and shoulder aches

massage this spot for shoulder ache relief

Neck and shoulder aches are common complaints for people who work in offices. You can do the self massage either lying down or seated. Massaging with Tiger Balm will help to make your massage more effective. Targeting the muscles on the sides and at the back of your neck. Use firm, gentle strokes in an up to down direction to soothe the muscle and reduce the tension. Do this for 10 times on each side. To relieve shoulder aches simply support your elbow with the other hand and grab your shoulder. Using your palm and fingertips apply picking up technique - pick and hold for 2 seconds and repeat for 1 to 2 minutes on each side. Do this twice a day.

how to relief thigh leg muscles

Leg muscle soreness

If you are a runner or stand for long hours chances are you experience tension in your leg muscles. When stretching is not enough to relax your muscles, you can try to massage your muscles with Tiger Balm. To relieve tight muscles face your palm down on the side of your legs. Your fingers will rest on the iliotibial band and when pressing on it you should feel sore. Apply the ointment and rub the area. This will relieve your joint pain and help in case of knee arthritis. Then use your fingertips to perform a picking up technique.

You can also do this for your inner thigh. The trigger point is in front of the thigh is located two thumbs up from the knee. Perform the same massage for 2 to three minutes especially after exercising.

For sore hamstrings bend your leg and prop it up on a chair. Use your fingertips to provide a gentle sustained pressure, hold for 2 seconds and relax. Repeat the action along the muscle starting from the bottom to top. Emphasize on the middle portion of the muscle and repeat for 3 to 5 minutes daily.

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