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It is made from natural ingredients with a high level of therapeutic effect. It can be used at home or while on the go as it comes conveniently in a pocket-sized glass jar. This product can be used to relieve aches and pains and to help reduce inflammation. The Red Tiger Balm is an ideal massage oil for people suffering from tense and stiff necks, shoulders, back and joints.

The famous ointment is a topical analgesic that uses medicated camphor oil to create a burning feeling that provides relief from muscle pain. With added cinnamon oils, this ointment has a full-bodied aroma that can help improve blood circulation in the area where you apply it and soothe aches, relieve pain associated with muscle aches and stiffness, discomfort associated with bruises and sprains, and ease minor rheumatic pains.

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Tiger Balm Red ointment
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Uses: Good for temporary relief of muscular aches and pains.

Ingredients: 11% Camphor, 10% Menthol, 7% Cajuput oil and 5% Clove oil.

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It's not recommended to put the ointment inside your nose, since it may burn unpleasantly. You can use it under your nose.

No, you should not put the ointment on or near your eyes. It's recommended to keep it away for the sensitive parts of your body.

It can leave stains on your clothes. It's better to first rube the ointment into your skin before you dress up.

A little. First try out the ointment just a pinch on your finger tip and see how it feels. Then you can use a bit more depending on which part of the body needs it.

You can use the ointment during a workout, but be aware that the effect will be much less, because the balm will wear off your body. It's better to use it after the training to relieve some tension in your muscles if needed.

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