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The health benefits of this ointment are proven to be legit because of the main ingredient called menthol. The White version has more of a cooling effect in comparison to the heating effect of the Red. It also has a milder smell to it as well.

Typical things you can use this for is when you're having a cold then you can apply the ointment to your chest or if you're having a stuffy nose then you can apply it under your nose and when breathing in it will free your airways. The vapors help to open up your nasal passage which in turn opens up your lungs allowing you to breathe more fully and freely.

In addition, the Tiger Balm White can also be used to stimulate your mind due to its cooling sensation which helps aid concentration. This can be good for those who have an ability to focus on tasks for periods of time and allows them to stay focused purely on what they are doing.

It is a product designed to treat migraines. Its formula contains menthol that gives a really good feeling like other peppermint or eucalyptus products. The White ointment can also be used for all sorts of headaches by applying the ointment on forehead, back of the head or temples depending on where the ache is located. And then take a cold water shower and your headache should be gone.

This works because the ointment contains camphor along with menthol that are commonly used in various topical analgesic medications, and they both diminish pain by either cooling it down or just numbing it.

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Tiger Balm White ointment
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4.7 out of 5

Uses: Really good for dealing with tension, headaches and cold.

Ingredients: 11% Camphor, 8% Menthol, 13% Cajuput oil and 1.5% Clove oil

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It does not burn at all. The white ointment has more of a cooling effect.

Yes, it is known to be very effective when you need to free your nose. It's recommended to apply it on your chest or right under the nose. But please be careful to not put it in or near your eyes.

These ointments can be used for as long as four years since the production day.

When the ointment is slightly rubbed into the skin, it does not leave any stains on your clothes.

It's NOT advised to eat the ointment, neither it's recommended to put it on or near your eyes and other sensitive areas of your body.

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